The old saying “there’s more than one way to skin a cat” is applicable to any form of business and to other things in that regard. The internet has revolutionized the way people do commerce with eCommerce. It has allowed people to try new things centered on making their product stand out and more in touch with the customer themselves. The use of spray advertising is slowly getting outshined by a more personalized method of introducing the brand to suit their target audience’s needs.

Clothing is one of the first products that has embraced online commerce as a new platform to do business with. If you’re one of the many entrepreneurs looking to take a share of the market, here is the easiest way to do it:


Guide Customers


Just like having a boutique, you’ll have to guide customers, answer questions, and offer options in order to close the deal. The virtual environment offers a unique opportunity for advanced technology to replace personal shoppers and attendants in a brick-and-mortar setup. A sales funnel system allows you to keep track and guide customers in their journey from the moment they click on your website. It can be challenging for those who are not technically inclined, however, at you can find the tools you’ll need to scale up your business in no time. Digital marketing is about effectively converting cold traffic into paying customers at a larger and much-faster pace but the concept of attracting your customers and keeping them interested still applies.

One of the key components in selling clothes online is to have an honest description of every item you’re selling. It can be easy to mislead customers with captions exalting your product’s quality and appearance, but you’ll only be able to fool them once and you’ll ruin your reputation forever. Give exact details on the brand, condition, fabric, sizing, as well as any defects if you’re selling overrun products. It’s much easier to answer complaints if you’ve been upfront about them in the first place. As much as possible take clear and high-quality pictures of your merchandise to stand out and make it attractive.


Establish Your Brand


Establishing your brand means letting people know what you’re all about and the type of customers that you’re going to cater to. You can start with having your own website where you show your audience what your brand represents and what you deliver. For example, there are a lot of clothing stores that specialize in environmentally-friendly products and those that capitalize on being able to reduce waste. If you’re selling high-end branded clothes, then do something that’ll show off the elegance and class of a sophisticated wardrobe. You will then be able to identify with your customers and be able to relate to them via your style and identity.


Keep Track of Inventory


Keeping track of inventory is one of the most basic things to deal with when you’re selling clothes online. You don’t want to receive complaints or cancel orders because you didn’t check your item’s availability. There are many tools available to help you keep track of your inventory and adjust them in real-time for every purchase made. It’s one of the major components in keeping your business organized.


Customer Service


Customer service will not only help you stand out but it can also gain your customer’s trust. Answering questions and addressing concerns provides a more personal element in a virtual environment. Customer service will show your customers that there is a real person who stands behind the brand in their advertising and is willing to help them with their shopping. There are a plethora of advantages of customer service in your business model and it will carry on as your business grows in size and name.


Use Different Platforms


There are many platforms available that can help you make your shop more visible. You can see it all over social media nowadays of how brands big and small, compete in taking up space in your feed. You will have to make sure that you’re in the right niche to sell your products. There are sites that cater to specific brands or merchandise such as luxury items, pre-loved clothing, eco-friendly apparel, etc. you just need to find the right site to sell your clothes on. The advantage is that the traffic coming in are usually looking for products that you’re selling, however, you’ll be competing with a number of shops such as yourself in the same space.

Selling clothes doesn’t have a silver bullet, rather it is composed of essential practices and methods that make it easier and successful. With how technology is evolving today, it’s clear how online shops have replaced brick-and-mortar stores and how it’s trying to cover its shortcomings.