“I Messed Up,” Courteney Cox Talks About Regretting Past Work She Has Got Done

‘Scream’ star, Courteney Cox hopped onto the ‘Gloss Angeles’ podcast where she opens up about beauty routines and how she regrets the filler she has got done in the past.

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The ‘Gloss Angeles’ took to Instagram to post this clip from the episode, for the clip check it out here.

“Thinking I was getting older when I was really young, that’s just a bummer.. a waste of time.” Cox starts, “It’s a domino effect it’s like you don’t realize that you look a little off so then you keep doing more because you look normal to yourself, and you look in the mirror and go ‘oh that looks good’ and you think and you don’t realize what it looks like to an outside person.” 

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“And just doing too many fillers and having to have them removed, which thank god they are removable but I think I messed up a lot and now luckily I was able to reverse most of that and now I’m actually… just older.” She laughs off.

Oh Sh*t, This Doesn’t Look Right

This is not the first the public is hearing about Courteney regretting her filler. She has been very vocal about her filler and how she truly feels about it. Cox sat down with NewBeauty.com in 2017 where she was asked about ‘Keeping up with her appearance” and “How it has got her in trouble,” to which she responded..

“Well, what would end up happening is that you go to a doctor who would say, “You look great, but what would help is a little injection here or filler there.” So you walk out and you don’t look so bad and you think, no one noticed—it’s good.” She says

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“Then somebody tells you about another doctor: “This person’s amazing. They do this person who looks so natural.” You meet them and they say, “You should just do this.” The next thing you know, you’re layered and layered and layered. You have no idea because it’s gradual until you go, “Oh sh*t, this doesn’t look right.” 

“And it’s worse in pictures than in real life. I have one friend who was like, “Whoa, no more!” I thought I haven’t done anything in six months. I didn’t realize.” Cox admits.

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