The latest season of The Bachelor is well underway- let’s see what people are discussing on Reddit.

After last night’s recent episode, people have been taking to Reddit to discuss what took place. Caution- episode spoilers lie ahead!

The Bachelor 2023

Zach Shallcross is the Bachelor this season- here’s what people are talking about online in relation to Zach, the girls, and the latest episode in this post-episode discussion thread on Reddit.

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According to one Reddit user, this episode was the “weakest” of the 3 to date. Check out their statement below:

“I thought this was the weakest of the 3 episodes so far. The pool party and football game are a bit overdone, and although I liked Kaity and Aly, I didn’t feel like we learned much about either of them on their 1 on 1s? Ariel begging [Zach] was probably my favourite part of the episode, she is definitely one of the standouts so far for me. I still am really liking [Zach] as lead and the season is decent overall though.”

However, Zach seems to be growing on watchers, with one commenter stating, “Who else is surprised that Zach not only has a backbone, he’s actually a great communicator ✋🏻”

In fact, another user agreed, saying, “I’m going to eat my effing words sooner or later, but Zach is a great bachelor so far. Firm in his decisions. Not playing into drama. Wise beyond his years?”

Other users already stated their hope for the next Bachelorette casting, sharing, “I want Aly as the next Bachelorette.” Another seemingly agreed with the above comment and stated, “My takes: Aly for Bachelorette! Ariel is breathtakingly beautiful, but she just seems to serious and measured, even when she’s trying to joke around. It’s a weird vibe for me. Gabi is adorable and relatable and I am girl-crushing HARD. And I couldn’t remember who Kaity reminded me of, but tonight it occurred to me: Faith from Unreal. And now I can’t unsee it.”

People are also trying to determine Zach’s potential final 4 lists after last night’s episode, but it’s still hard to tell who will make it to the final episodes.

What do you think about the latest episode- do you agree with the above Reddit statements? We can’t wait to tune into the next episode!

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