Read about how the Star Wars actress took the time for her mental health.

Daisy Ridley Star Wars

In a recent interview with Inverse, Daisy Ridley spoke about her experience as the star of one of the biggest movie franchises on the planet: Star Wars. The now 31-year-old shared how, at just age 21, she became an overnight household name.

“Honestly, the first time I watched myself on screen, I literally thought I’d ruined Star Wars,” she confessed. This isn’t the first time the star spoke up about her experience filming in a galaxy far, far away.

Daisy Ridley Star Wars

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Daisy Ridley fame struggles stomach holes

Ridley previously detailed her mental health journey while adjusting to her newly acquired fame.

Speaking to GQ, the British actress described being followed by paparazzi and fans alike, feeling that she couldn’t find privacy anywhere. There were times when Ridley would call her mom, crying that she “couldn’t do this!”

The stress of her new-found fame took a toll on not just her mental health, but her physical health too. The star developed holes in her stomach wall.

“My body was just fucked up. I got tests done and it turned out my body was taking in no nutrients. I was just like a little skeleton and I was just so tired. I was becoming a ghost.” (noted here)

Daisy Ridley mental health therapy

Ridley began receiving therapy several years ago, saying that it helped her, and admitting that “growing up” was something she needed. She decided to take a step back, “I just needed to be at home and chill the fuck out, honestly,” and that being back at home in London was “so nice,”

By putting more normal aspects of life back into her routine, Ridley said she found that, by the time she began filming The Rise of Skywalker, she felt more like herself.

“I was so healthy. I was there. I was just enjoying it,” she shared.

Since then, the actress has starred in roles in Murder on the Orient Express and had a film premiere at 2023 Sundance.

Ridley also said she feels more confident speaking up for herself when she needs help, “[f]or so long, I was so scared to say to anyone, ‘It’s not all good all the time.’ Because you know what? It’s not all good all the time. I can say that now,”

Do you think Daisy Ridley made the right decision to step back?

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