Toronto has long been known for its multicultural backgrounds, so it’s no secret that the city offers a diverse range of authentic cuisines. Restauranteurs Hemant Bhagwani and Trevor Lui wanted to bring to the scene a few styles that were missing from the list, namely the tastes of Burma, Bali, and Macau. 

After months of travel and research from both Trevor and Hemant, Popa was born. Named after a once active volcano in Burma, that has now become a sacred site of temples and relics, Popa pays tribute to the authentic Burmese restaurants of another time.

Located in Bayview Village, Popa offers a contemporary take on the classic Burmese, Balinese and Macanese traditions and flavours. The venue itself is a large and open space, while still offering an intimate and upscale environment to enjoy fine dining. Guests will find a variety of cultural mash-ups on this eclectic menu; from Chinese-style noodles and Indian-style soups and flatbreads to curries and salads made popular in the countryside.


Popa stays true to its South-East Asian roots, ensuring that its dishes are made with fresh and healthy ingredients that are locally sourced. The menu offers flavours ranging from tamarind and ginger to coconut and coriander, which are sure to awaken your tastebuds. Beyond the incredible flavours on the menu, the friendly and knowledgable staff at Popa are there to answer any questions and guide guests through their experience of trying the restaurant’s re-creations of traditional staple dishes and the small plates inspired by authentic roadside snacks

A few of our favourites include:

Rangoon Samuza

Home-made pastry filled with potatoes, turmeric, shallots, and ground pepper served with tamarind chutney.

Pyaa Jo Kyaw

A must-try! Burmese falafel, a popular street snack made of yellow lentils, spices, onion and coriander, golden fried and tossed in a delicious brown garlic sauce.

Ohn No Khao Swè

Also known as Khow Suey, a hand-tossed noodle salad made with a stripped chicken curry, toasted pea flour, hard-boiled duck egg and crispy noodles. Served with garnishes of peanut, cilantro, crispy lentils, onion, chilli flakes, and garlic flakes.

Crazy Rich Asians

Muddled red fruit, lemon juice, green tea syrup, and pisco, topped with Cremant d’Alsace. This refreshing cocktail is the perfect complement to your meal.

Head over to Popa’s website to check out their full menu and reserve your spot today!

Published by HOLR Magazine