Front yards are the face of your home, but backyards are where relaxation takes place. Having the ability to dine outside on a summer day is nothing short of magical. Whether you plan to redesign a patio or incorporate new purposes for your existing yard, furniture brings emotions to space. Here are the top nine ideas to consider for an enchanting dining experience.

garden design

1. Cottage Courtyard

  • Wood tables and matching chairs crafted from teak
  • Lanterns and potted herb garden for centerpieces
  • Gravel flooring
  • Outdoor heaters for chilly nights
  • Simple wood pergola with string lighting

2. Classic Garden

  • Wrought iron table and matching chairs (or consider teak benches)
  • Flower bouquets in mason jars
  • Cushions with throw pillows
  • Natural grass flooring
  • Gazebo nearby to relocate in poor weather

3. Using Small Spaces (Envision a bistro seating area)

  • Four-person table constructed with wood or metal
  • Seating classy folding chairs and cushions
  • Flowers grown in old metal buckets for centerpieces
  • Stone pathway for flooring

4. Extended Home

  • Paved flooring extending from patio doors
  • Round table with optional umbrella for shade
  • Folding wood chairs with removable cushions

This area is designed to be an extension of your home, so maintain the same look. Everything should be easy to put up and take down, making the area versatile for other uses.

5. French Bistro

  • Cobblestone flooring surrounded with a small wrought iron fence
  • Bistro table constructed of wrought iron or rattan (two to four chairs placed around it)
  • Accessorize with chic signage and hang string lighting
  • Small vases with a simple bouquet of fresh flowers
  • Surround the area with a brush and large stones

6. Create a Garden Room

  • Gazebo or open shed with weathered wood
  • Corner seating around a metal table
  • Plenty of throw pillows
  • Decoration with old glass containers (consider Coke or Pepsi bottles)
  • Outdoor heating for chilly evenings
  • Wicker or rattan extra seating

7. Create Picnic Spot

  • Plant two nearby trees for the hammock
  • Deck chairs or rattan lounge seats
  • Cabinet filled with seat pads, blankets, and melamine dishes
  • Small tables to place pitchers and glasses

Picnic nooks can be created in any corner spot in your garden with the proper horticulture layout.

8. Desert Getaway

  • Pergola covering with lanterns for lighting
  • Decorate with throw blankets
  • Surround the area with cacti or arid-friendly plants (potted or in-ground)
  • Large stone block flooring
  • Rattan seating
  • Dining table made of teak with chairs around
  • Firepit

9. Asian Themed Patio

  • Concrete flooring
  • Asian-themed statues mixed in with plants
  • A wood long table with six to eight chairs
  • Outdoor fireplace
  • Pergola covering with fans
  • Neutral coloring with accents of black and red

Using a theme to decorate your garden or patio area is a way to bring emotion into a large area. It makes shopping for furniture, ornamental items, and accessories easier. When landscapers create a design for your space, they are using lines, functionality, symmetry, and more to appease the eye. The goal is to blend beauty and practicality into an area you cherish. Check out this site for ideas on furniture options after you have developed a plan for the space.