Was Travis Kelce spotted out clubbing with Tristan Thompson?

Deuxmoi Taylor Swift

July 1, 2024- According to this TikTok video posted by user @stephwithdadeets, Deuxmoi- a celeb gossip platform- is reportedly being called out for a recent post involving Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce.


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Deuxmoi Travis Kelce

As the TikToker in the clip claims, Deuxmoi recently posted this photo of an alleged Travis Kelce out clubbing with Tristan Thompson.


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Travis Kelce Clubbing

The image allegedly claimed to show Kelce “ducked in the backseat as his car exited from the private car elevator” in which he was reportedly out clubbing that night with Thompson and Leonardo DiCaprio at The Bird Streets Club in West Hollywood.

According to the TikToker- Deuxmoi has been proven wrong in this situation. Kelce was pictured at his teammate’s wedding that night- in which he was also captured on camera dancing at the wedding. It appears as Kelce was in fact not out clubbing with Thompson as Deuxmoi seemingly initially alleged.

People also took to the comment section of Deuxmoi’s Instagram post to leave their opinions on the alleged controversy. Check out what some people had to say about it, below:

“So let me get this straight you posted this claiming that he was under that blanket with no real proof at all meanwhile he was actually at a teammate’s wedding and then hopped on a flight immediately after.”

“Already proven false, why you lying? lmao”

“’ve seen endless posts now about the fact that he was actually at one of his teammates wedding last night, there are pics and videos everywhere.”

What do you think about this viral post and the rumors being false?

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