Maria Georgas was recently on Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast where the pair chatted about Maria Georgas and Nick Viall’s past relationship rumors.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @katiebk91, Maria Georgas recently spilled the tea about a past fling with former Bachelor, Nick Viall.

Nick Viall and Maria Georgas


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Georgas is from Joey’s season of The Bachelor and became a fan favorite from her season. This Call Her Daddy episode was a highly-anticipated one as Georgas chatted about how she declined the role of the Bachelorette. In this new clip that has gone viral online, Georgas claims that “nothing ever happened between Nick and I,” when referncing past Bachelor, Viall.

Apparently, “it has always been a friendship” between Georgas and Viall. “You never hooked up?” questioned Cooper during the podcast episode. “No,” stated Georgas. “You only had a flirtatious banter,” alleges Cooper, to which Georgas replies “That is all.” Georgas goes on to say that Viall also helped her through breakups.

Georgas did not go into detail about how her and Viall met but it seems as thoug they were friends before. As one commetner claimed, Georgas repotedly asked for his advice before she went on Joey’s season.

However, this did not stop fans from voicing thier own opinions and allegations on Georgas and Viall’s past alleged relationship in the comment section of the above video. Viall is currently on his honeymoon with his wife and child as this podcast epsiode dropped.

Nick Viall Wedding

This news follows Viall’s recent wedding weekend, in which he married Natalie Joy. The couple also share a daughter together.

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