Brittany Snow opens up about divorce from Tyler Stanaland post-“Selling the OC” drama in “Call Her Daddy” interview with Alexandra Cooper.

Brittany Snow recently shared insights into her divorce from Tyler Stanaland in a candid interview with “Call Her Daddy” host Alexandra Cooper. During the discussion, Snow delved into how the reality show “Selling the OC” played a pivotal role in the breakdown of their marriage. She emphasized the importance of viewing partners as real individuals rather than idealized versions, acknowledging that this realization was crucial for her healing process post-divorce.

Snow expressed gratitude for the dramatic events surrounding Stanaland’s behavior on the show, as they served as glaring red flags indicating underlying issues in their relationship. She admitted to not being fully aware of everything that transpired during the filming of “Selling the OC” season 1, suggesting that the public’s perception aligned with the reality of their situation. The couple announced their separation in September 2022, with Snow officially filing for divorce in January 2023. The legal proceedings concluded in July of the same year.

Reflecting on her relationship with the cast of “Selling the OC,” Snow collectively referred to them as “they” and acknowledged the emotional toll it took on her. Despite the challenges, she focused on releasing anger and granting herself grace throughout the difficult period.

Snow humorously recounted watching the show alongside her dog, expressing shock at her lack of awareness during filming. She admitted to having instincts about Stanaland’s actions but struggling to trust them due to her feelings of love and attachment.

Despite the turmoil, Snow recognized the love that existed in their marriage and expressed no regrets, cherishing the time they spent together. She credited her close friends for their unwavering support during the breakup, highlighting the importance of being allowed to process emotions without pressure to “fix” or change anything.

Currently, Snow described herself as “single weirdly,” acknowledging the challenges of being single but also valuing the opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth. She emphasized the importance of not rushing into new relationships as a means of avoiding emotional discomfort, choosing instead to focus on healing and understanding herself better.

Published by: HOLR Magazine

Image Credit: @Brittany Snow/Tyler Stanaland’s Instagram