Fans think they know who the alleged new Call Her Daddy podcast co-host is- do you?

Call Her Daddy Host

The host of Call Her Daddy– Alex Cooper- just took to social media to claim that the podcast will be getting a new co-host- is this true?

A bit of a back story- Call Her Daddy used to be co-hosted by Cooper and Sofia Franklyn before the pair went their separate ways and Cooper seemingly took on the podcast by herself after signing an exclusive deal with Spotify for $60 Million.

Call Her Daddy Podcast

In this video posted to the @callherdaddy TikTok page, Cooper addresses the camera stating, “Oh yeah, you’ll be back next week, this is actually our formal announcement that BLANK is Call Her Daddy‘s new co-host.”

Call Her Daddy Host

@callherdaddy TikTok

Call Her Daddy Alex Cooper

Cooper alleges that this Week’s Call Her Daddy guest “loves being naked unless she’s in a good costume.” So, who could it be?

Fans took to the comment section to discuss their opinions in which many believe it to be influencer Alix Earle. However, Earle already has a podcast so could this be true?

There is no concrete evidence to support claims that Earle is the new co-host, or that there will even be a new co-host because Cooper can be seen laughing at the end of the clip, causing some confusion among fans.

Other guesses include; Tate McRae, Trisha Paytas, and Heidi Klum. Again, this is all speculation.

We won’t know for sure until this episode drops on January 31st, so stay tuned for the alleged reveal!

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