Breakfast Television Says Goodbye To Dina Pugliese After 16 Years

After a successful 16 years, Breakfast Television co-host Dina Pugliese. The news was released on Instagram this morning. Dina curated a heartwarming statement thanking everyone for their support over the years and explained what she’d be doing during her time away from Breakfast Television.

Via Instagram @dina.pugliese

“Friends, it is time to share some news. I have decided to close this incredible chapter of my life and step down as co-host of BT.” She says “It’s been an unbelievable 16+ years on the show… more than I could ever dream…and I have YOU to thank for all of it.”

“As for what’s next, I plan on dedicating even more time to my clean beauty line, The Care Principle.” Pugliese states, “I also plan on ditching that 2:30 am alarm clock (and staying up past 6:30 pm), spending quality time with family and travelling with my husband Aleks.”

The comments under the post were filled with sweet and supportive messages.

Best Moments On BT

In honour of Dina Pugliese, let’s break down some personal favourite segments throughout her years on the show.

This Is How You Can Be The Sexiest Person In The Room

In this clip, we see Dina, Mel, Sid and Devo talk about a Romanian life coach having secrets on ‘how to be the most attractive person in the room.’

One of the tips was, ‘keep your hair wet’. Mel points out Devo’s hair, Dina pulls out her cup of water when she throws the water onto herself trying to obtain the ‘wet look.’

You Have To Hear This Unearthed Recording Of Dina Singing

Here we have the cast of Breakfast Television reminiscing on the former cast’s Christmas Album in 2008, Holiday Favourites 2.

“First track we got Dina Pugliese singing, What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve.” Says Sid. Cut to Dina looking mortified.

This Is The Biggest Taco We’ve Ever Eaten

Here we have Dina and Sid trying out CNE Foods. In the video, we see the two attempt to eat ‘the biggest taco they’ve ever seen’.

Congratulations on this new chapter in your life Dina. Thank you for an incredible 16+ years.

Published By: HOLR Magazine