You might have heard about Dippin’ Daisy’s; since 2015 they have been one of the fastest-growing swimwear brands in the world. This female-founded brand encourages and empowers women to feel confident, powerful and in love with life. 

Created and made in California the swimming capital of the world, Dippin’ Daisy’s has made it their mission to make the suits locally. With a mission to reduce its environmental footprint, Dippin’ Daisys has created ways to change its packaging, textiles and means of production to help this process. 

Since the fall of 2020, the swimwear brand has expanded into loungewear. The LA-made brand has designed their loungewear to sculpt your body for an incredible fit and one that can be worn for everyone, as inclusive as ever. 

Scout Top $38:

Dippin’ Daisy

The scout top is a necessary henley that everyone needs in their closet. Whether you need it for a comfy night in or paired over high-waisted jeans, this top goes with everything and even has matching shorts and sweatpants. 

Staying in Pants $38: 

Dippin’ Daisys

The staying in pants can’t only be for staying in. But these mid-rise crochet sweatpants are perfect for anything. With a loose fit that tapers in at the ankle, these pants can be worn as a chic outfit to run errands or hang out with friends. 

Pink Sand Fuzzy Slippers $25: 

Dippin’ Daisys

As the fall season is here, it’s time to keep cozy indoors with these fuzzy slippers. Staying indoors is the best part of fall, from staying in and watching movies, to hanging out with friends and baking or cooking these will keep you cozy and stylish all throughout your house. 

You’re Doing Great Candle $29: 

Dippin’ Daisys

Following the fall theme this candle is not only a way to keep cozy and light up your room, but its inspirational quotes really keep you moving. You’re doing great is a great way to keep you going and keep your busy life on track. Scented like camomile, sandalwood and cedar you’ll feel so calm and ready to keep killing it. 

Out and About Pant $48: 

Dippin’ Daisys

We love keeping cozy while being all out and about, and these pants are the perfect way to keep stylish and comfortable. Mid-rise and loose-fitting, the tie-dye ribbed cotton pants come in three colours, stardust, blue skies and aurora.  

Article published by HOLR Magazine