From tasty appetizers to decadent desserts, explore Italy’s dynamic street food scene with this mouth-watering selection of local culinary highlights. 

Panzerotti Pugliesi

Panzerotti is a traditional specialty of Puglia. These half-moon-shaped temptations are usually filled with a savoury combination of mozzarella and tomato sauce and subsequently fried until they are golden. Order them at “Pizzeria Di Cosimo” and wash them down with a nice cold beer in the magical setting of old Bari. 

Address: Via Giovanni Modugno, 1

Phone: +39 080 504 1513


Sicilian Cannoli

A staple of the Sicilian baking tradition, cannoli is your on-the-go sweetest treat. This tube-shaped pastry filled with creamy ricotta and chocolate chips and topped off with candied oranges and cherries is the ultimate sin of gluttony for real patisserie connoisseurs. Try it at “Antica Dolceria I Segreti del chiostro”, in the heart of Palermo, and prepare your taste buds to be overwhelmed…

Address: Piazza Bellini, 33

Phone: +39 327 588 2302


Piadina romagnola

Piadina is the signature street food dish of Emilia Romagna. Originated in Roman times, this disc of flatbread made of flour, water, salt and lard can be stuffed with melting soft cheese, locally produced charcuterie and fresh vegetables. Grab lunch at “Dalla Lella” in the city of Rimini to delight your palate with this authentic delicacy. 

Address: Viale Rimembranze, 74/A

Phone: +39 0541 389460



Arancini are deep-fried rice balls filled with cheese, meat ragu and peas. Although they made their first appearance in the Sicilian kitchens in the 10th century at the time of the Kalbid dynasty, their popularity fastly spread across Italy and beyond. Today, they are considered the gastronomic symbol of the island, featuring endless combinations of flavours and ingredients. Sample them at “Sfrigola”, where tradition and innovation combine to ensure you a lasting gourmet adventure. 

Address: Corso Calatafimi, 11

Phone: + 39 091 271 04 60


Olive all’Ascolana

Ascoli-style fried olives are a classic of Marche cuisine. According to the original recipe, domestically grown olives are stuffed with ground meat, then coated in flour, whipped egg and breadcrumbs and finally deep-fried in a generous amount of boiling oil. With their crispy coating on the outside and juicy filling on the inside, these flavour bombs deliver happiness at every bite. Make a detour to “Migliori” in Ascoli Piceno to savour them with a glass of Verdicchio dei Castelli before dedicating yourself to an intense afternoon of shopping in the streets of downtown. 

Address: Piazza Arringo, 2

Phone: +39 0736 403787