To end a marriage and start a new life isn’t that easy. Sometimes it can be traumatic, with complex emotions taking over the couple. The splitting of joint properties and child custody can further the proceedings if the couples aren’t cooperating. There isn’t a fixed time to settle a divorce matter, as some cases will take a few months while others years. 

However, be sure about the divorce with your spouse; the more cooperative you are, the faster the divorce case. A quick divorce case is beneficial to both parties as it reduces the legal cost, and it’s less time-consuming. Besides, it will aid at the beginning of a new life peacefully, and get used to living without your partner easily. 

But the question is, how can you speed a dragging divorce case? Worry no more, as below are 6-main tips to aid the process;

Communicate Well With Your Ex-Partner

That’s hard? Yes, but it is one of the best ways for a faster divorce. Good communication is everything, as even divorce itself may be a result of communication breakdown. When one spouse is the reason for the divorce, while the other party has sacrificed a lot for the marriage, communication may be disastrous. It is brought by a mixture of emotions like anger, sorrow, or hurt feelings.

But, you need to maintain the communication lines open as it will help to discuss your issues easily hence, a faster move. With property splitting and child custody agreements, you need to reach a consensus even before filling the case. Ensure you listen well to your partner, and likewise, as the more you compromise, the faster the process will come to an end. 

If you feel so hurt that communicating with your partner isn’t working, see a therapist for assistance.

Hire A Mediator

With the help of a lawyer, your case is probably going to be settled faster. Mediators are professionals capable of advancing negotiations and speeding the time conflicting partners could spend on court. As mentioned by the team at Morgan Divorce Law Firm, ensure that your lawyer understands you well, that is what you need and what is best for you. Make it easy for your lawyer by giving out every detail about the marriage and even background information, as it adds more confidence while handling the case.

A lawyer also will aid in bringing sense, especially when you disagree. Besides, a mediator will stay by you during the divorce case, fight for your rights, and ensure you get a fair judgment.

Prepare In Advance

As you prepare for divorce proceedings, it’s crucial to prepare yourself in advance and maintain open communication with your partner. Lack of preparation can lead to confusion and protracted settlements. Take the time to familiarize yourself with divorce laws, the procedural aspects, and potential challenges you may encounter. Given that laws can vary between states, considering a local perspective is essential. Hiring a Stuart divorce lawyer, for example, can offer insights into the specific legal landscape in Florida.

Ensure also you read about different types of divorces and consider the fastest ones. For instance, in uncontested divorces where the couple agrees with each other, it will be faster as the court won’t be fully involved.

Determine also whether you can prepare together with your partner before filling the case while accepting each other. If yes, do it for a peaceful divorce that will prevent arguments during the trial.

Be Honest

Although your partner may be willing to fight and make the divorce prolong, ensure you are honest on every detail. Don’t lie on assets that you have, as it may cause a delay if your partner decides to sue you for justice.

Hence, ensure your lawyer knows everything about you, whether the income, debts, or family assets that you share as a couple. Don’t be afraid of being honest since your lawyer will help you in protecting your interests.

Document Everything

While preparing for the divorce, ensure everything related to it is written down. It includes the assets, the kids if you have any, and all agreements you make with your partner. Make it simple by including a lawyer during your talks, as he will document every decision you make for future reference.

For instance, let’s say you agree on child custody or splitting of family assets. The lawyer will note it down. Hence, during the trial, if a disagreement occurs, the lawyer will present the written document.

Be Patient

While processing your divorce, don’t be in a hurry. Sometimes divorce may delay not because the couple isn’t cooperating but due to workload in the court. A rush also may affect you mentally, making your case appear more prolonged. You should also be emotionally okay to prevent regrets later on the decisions you made.


Follow the above essential tips for a faster divorce that will make you heal fast.