While it’s summer with less to do, it’s the perfect chance to do some DIY home decorations. Here are the top 3 DIY Home Décor trends of this Summer.

There are many ways you can spice up your home, however, the 3 main categories fall down to storage for ease of life, practicality for quality of life and lastly aesthetic for happiness in life. Each of the three categories should be kept in mind when thinking about decorating or renovating your home. The best additions to your home are the ones that hit on all three, but some can be great additions while only hitting on two or one. 


Finding unique and creative DIY add-ons that increase storage has always been the front-and-coming trendy thing to do. Some of the current most trendy items all incorporate making use of everyday items while full of colour and practically, like this trending DIY décor PVC shoe storage. This season, round, circular, and smooth objects are in as they greatly add to the aesthetic of your home. PVC tubes or toilet paper rolls are the most trending ideas with low costs and great looks when dolled up.


Plants and nature have always been a positive aspect on mental health and really bring out a room. This year plants have been dominating the house decorations with spiralling vines around as many crevices and corners as possible. They are a phenomenal way to take up empty space that leaves it feeling open while also making it more like home. Plastic plants, while not as nice smelling, are a great way to have those beautiful plants without all the mess, supervision, and lets you place them in locations where sunlight doesn’t shine. 

Otherwise, you can head dive fully into taking on real plants for the summer as this is the time to have them and learn how to take care of them. Real plants are much better than plastic for their ability to increase air quality! Make sure one way or another you include plants in the aesthetic aspects of your DIY home décor.

Adding Bright Colour or Earthy Colours 

The two biggest trends this year when it comes to colour in home design are bright colours and earthy colours. There has been a big focus on creating an environment where you feel comfortable and happy ever since covid. BEHRS colour of the year was awarded to Canyon Dusk for the incredibly calming and homey feel. Bright colours have also been trending as they pop and make any situation a little happier. A recent trend that’s beginning to come up again is the inclusion of pastels around the house. So make sure to include these trendy colours in your DIY home décor this summer.