With Thanksgiving over Halloween quickly approaching it is time to get to decorating! With COVID-19 numbers coming down and vaccination numbers going up, there will likely be an influx in trick-or-treaters and Halloween celebrations this year!

With more Halloween celebrations happening this year you are going to want to bring your A-game to the décor department. We have found some fun, quick, and easy Halloween DIYs for you to make this spooky season one remember!

Image Credit: Country Living

Mask Wreath

This is a simple but festive decoration to make this Halloween season. All you will need is a foam wreath, paper costume masks, and some hot glue. With a dab of hot glue, layer the paper costume masks around the wreath for a fun and festive door decoration.

Image Credit: Country Living

Candy Wreath

Another fun and an easy wreath is a candy wreath. Again, you will need a foam wreath, an assortment of Halloween candy and hot glue. Add some hot glue to the back of the candy and place it on the wreath, add a bow to add a bit more flare.

Image Credit: In My Own Style

Bats on Branches

This is an easy décor trick that will make your house pop. You will need to go outside a cut a couple of bare branches from a bush or tree in your yard, a vase, some black ribbon, and white paint. Cut the black ribbon into 6-inch-long pieces and tie in a double knot onto the branches. Add two white dots as eyes to the double knot and you have bat branches. Here is a tutorial for more directions!

Image Credit: Country Living

Candy Corn Garland

This is an easy and colourful décor item to spice up your house. Take a fishing line, thread it through a needle and add candy corn to the line to create a candy corn garland. Drape on a mantel, your staircase, or use it as a table decoration.

Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess

Lollipop Ghosts

This DIY is a perfect décor option or great for sending to school with the kids. Take a lollipop and drape white cotton fabric over the top, tying it off at the base of the lollipop with twine. Take a sharpie and draw on two black dots for eyes and you have yourself some lollipop ghosts!

Image Credit: Pink Peppermint Designs

Spider Ice

A great way to spook your Halloween party guests is with spider ice cubes. Go to the dollar store, pick up some plastic spiders, add them into your ice cube tray and you have the perfect spooky prank.

You have your evening plans for the week, it is time to spookify your home!

Published by HOLR Magazine.