A content creator is alleging that she is Jimmy’s girlfriend in a now-viral video. Jimmy is one of the contestants in this season of Love is Blind

Love is Blind Jimmy

According to this TikTok video posted by user @storytimewithrikkii, Jimmy Presnell posted a video on social media responding to one woman who claimed that she was his girlfriend even though he is a current contestant on Netflix’s Love is Blind. 

Jimmy Presnell Girlfriend

In the response video, Jimmy claims that he does not know the woman who allegedly made a viral video about him. In the clip, he says that these allegations are “not true” in regard to the two of them knowing one another, let alone being boyfriend/girlfriend. He also claims that this is an “incredible marketing ploy” because she is getting “so many clicks” on her content. He also alleges that she is making so much money off of “his name.” Although she doesn’t say his name specifically, she is allegedly insinuating it is him. He also asks people to report it if they give it “another click and another view” as he claims that her claims are not true.

Jimmy Love is Blind Season 6

The woman’s video (here, posted by user @ryannstrngflw) is currently sitting at over 16 million views. In the clip, she claims that she turned on the new season of the show and to her surprise sees her boyfriend.

People in the comment section seemingly believe her claims as they tell her to “leave that man and free herself.” This is reportedly why the clip has gotten so popular, because people believe her.

What are your thoughts on these alleged claims? Is it a joke for attention?

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Image Credits: @storytimewithrikkii and @ryannstrngflw TikTok