Who is AD from Love is Blind with now? CAUTION: Love is Blind season 6 episode 12 spoilers ahead.

Love is Blind Spoiler

In the latest episode of Love is Blind season 6, we saw AD and Clay head to the altar only for AD to say “I do” and Clay to say that he can’t commit to a marriage right now. This left AD heartbroken and fans of the couple sad as they seemed to have formed a strong connection throughout the season.

AD made it clear in the past that she could not date Clay if he said “No” to her, so it is unclear if the duo tried to make their relationship work following the show’s finale.

It is unclear whether or not AD is with someone else right now as we don’t know for certain if she and Clay were able to make it work following their appearance at the altar. She has not hinted at any other relationship on social media yet but this could be because a reunion episode has not aired yet so we don’t know where the couple currently stands.

Love is Blind Season 6 Where Are They Now

Right now, it is unclear where most of the season 6 Love is Blind couples stand. We saw three of the couples this season break up before the altar (Brittany/Kenneth, Laura/Jeramey, Chelsea/Jimmy) while Clay could not commit to AD at the altar. It remains unclear if any of these couples rekindled their connections in order to make it work as a reunion episode has not aired yet so it remains unknown if they are still together or not. There are also rumors that Sarah Ann and Jeramey are together following the show as they have allegedly been spotted together recently (here).

Johnny and Amy were the only couple to say “I do” at the altar to one another and get married, so it is likely that the duo are still together to this day but we won’t know for sure until they address the latest episode drop on social media.

What are your thoughts on the latest episode drop?

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