On the latest episode drop of Love is Blind, we see Johnny and Amy talking about birth control. HOLR breaks it down. 

CAUTION: Love is Blind new episode drop spoilers ahead

According to the latest episode drop from Love is Blind, engaged couple Johnny and Amy had an emotional talk about birth control. In episode 11, the duo talks about birth control options for men and women in which Johnny claims that there, “isn’t a lot of options” for men from a guy’s point of view.

“It’s not as easily reversible as I thought it was,” claims Johnny in regard to a vasectomy. “It is still reversible but it’s not like 100% of the time it always works.”

He also touches on some alleged birth control pills men can take but notes that this option is reportedly currently going through trials. As a result, the duo mutually agrees that this may not be the best option for the pair as the long-term effects seemingly remain unknown.

However, Amy states that she is not opposed to taking birth control and seemingly has considered it before her relationship with Johnny. She states that “I’ve considered it before you were in the picture, because of my condition.” She alleges that this is something she would be doing by choice in terms of putting something in her body, and just wants to be sure of her decision. She wants to ensure they do it in a “safe, good way.”

“We’ll figure it out,” Amy states.” She ends the clip by claiming that she’s excited to have a fully intimate relationship with her husband in terms of the physical, mental, and emotional connection they share.

What condition does Amy have Love is Blind

This remains unclear as Amy did not dive into this statement regarding a condition she allegedly has in this new episode drop.

Johnny and Amy Love is Blind

Although the duo did not come to a clear agreement on screen regarding their birth control conversation, it is evident that they are working through their issues and continue to make the effort to communicate their concerns with one another.

What are your thoughts on the pair talking about this topic on Love is Blind?

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