Does Putin Understand English

The recent interview between Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin, broadcasted on February 8th, delved into critical geopolitical issues, offering insights into Russia’s stance on various matters. From the ongoing conflict in Ukraine to NATO expansion and Russia’s diplomatic relations, the dialogue captured the intricacies of international politics.

During the interview, Putin spoke in Russian, and his remarks were dubbed into English, indicating that the conversation was conducted in Putin’s native language rather than English. There’s a common understanding that Putin understands English to some degree but prefers to speak in Russian publicly, often using interpreters for formal engagements.

Does Tucker Carlson Speak Russian 

Does Tucker Carlson Speak Russian

During the interview last night, Tucker Carlson did not appear to be wearing an ear piece but it is widely believed that there was a translator in the room whos audio was switched off so that viewers could not hear. There was no indication that Tucker Carlson understands Russian, and the interview dynamics suggest he relied on translation services to communicate with Putin.

Putin Speaking English

Putin has spoken English in public before and you can hear him speaking English in the below video.