Does Uber charge you more if your phone battery is low? This viral TikTok dives into the question.

According to this TikTok from @viceworldnews, Uber has been accused of increasing the ride price if your phone battery is low.


Uber is allegedly charging users more if they have low phone battery, according to a new investigation. #uber #uberprices #rideshare #rideshareapp #uberx #batterylife #lowbattery #phonebattery #phonebatterylow

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Uber Fare Estimate

The TikTok claims that the ride-sharing app has been accused of increasing the prices of fares if your phone battery is low.

A study conducted by a Belgian newspaper (mentioned in the video above) reported that when two identical requests were made to go to/from the exact same location, Uber charged approximately 6 percent more for the journey that was made on the smartphone with a lower battery percentage (12%). According to the study mentioned, the phone with 84% battery was charged a total of $18.10 while the phone with the lower battery percentage was charged $19.16.


As mentioned in TikTok, Uber denies payment is determined by how much charge your phone has. The app is reportedly not able to measure the user’s battery, according to the brand.

The TikTok video also dives into the fact that in 2016, Uber’s former head of economic research, Keith Chen, reportedly said in an interview with NPR that the company had found that people with lower battery life on their phones were more inclined to pay for surge pricing.

Here’s what some people had to say in the comment section of the TikTok video:


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