For a home improvement project to be a success, it needs planning and effort. The same is true for a home renovation. But you’ll want to put some thought into your sun protection strategy before you begin. Ideally, this should be part of your home improvement budget.

Why? You will want to keep the sun away from window surfaces because sunlight causes damage. Sun rays are harmful for many reasons. They can cause fading and discoloration of drapes, furniture fabric, and flooring materials. Hard surface flooring may become more difficult to clean or even permanently stained by sun exposure. High levels of ultraviolet radiation from the sun can also cause cracks in glazed windows and laminated surfaces.

Therefore, you’ll want to keep the direct rays of the sun off your home’s windows. Here are some tips for good sun protection

Retractable Awnings

Awnings are the most economical way of getting good sun protection for your home. An awning is attached to the outside of your house and is retractable. It’s one of the most efficient solutions for a sun protection system that doesn’t block a view. When living in Miami having good sun protection is a must.

They are installed on a track system that allows them to be retracted when not needed. There are many options for retractable awnings in Miami,  FL including companies that produce a custom awning that fits a particular window perfectly. These awnings can be either manually or electrically retractable and there are also different types to choose from while the main two categories are louvered awnings and those with a solid panel.


The main advantage of a louvered awning over a solid one is that you can open it up, allowing light to enter while blocking harmful rays from the sun. These types of awnings are known as “sunscreens.” They can be made out of either metal or fabric. If your home has a traditional southern exposure, the installation of an aluminum screen will afford maximum protection for your window surface.


A retractable awning comes in many fabrics and colors to match any decor style. On sunny days, simply retract the awning until the sun sets and enjoy them through your window without worrying about any damage.

Vertical Blinds

Blinds are a popular window covering choice all around the world for a good reason- they afford a good level of sun protection, are a stylish choice, and are inexpensive. They also come in a very broad range of materials including wood, metal, fabric, and faux wood.


Blinds can accomplish what you’re looking for in sun protection because of their slats. The slats can be tilted so that the blind essentially becomes a mini-awning that’s affixed directly to your window, protecting it from sunlight.  To protect an entire room or area of windows, consider purchasing one large vertical blind rather than multiple window treatments throughout the house. Vertical blinds are also available with motorized controls so they can be opened and closed at the press of a button on the remote control or wall switch.

Plant Your Trees Strategically

If you have trees surrounding your home, this is another way to keep out harmful rays from damaging your windows as well as your home. Make sure they are planted far enough away so that they don’t block windows when their branches or leaves droop in certain areas. You can also prune trees to ensure that they never grow too tall and become an obstacle to the sun’s rays. This method of sun protection takes some time to become fully effective, but it is possible with careful planning and planting. Besides,  the shade that the trees will create over your home is another bonus- you can just sit back and relax in comfort while enjoying the view of your green surroundings.

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Solar Screens

Solar screens are a common sight in Miami, FL wherever sun protection is an issue. They can be found on commercial buildings as well as individual homes. Solar screens are a mesh material that is covered on one side with a strong aluminum coating to protect your windows from harmful UV rays. The mesh is attached to a sturdy aluminum frame that is permanently affixed on the exterior of your window.

This method of sun protection works well for windows that cannot be covered with awnings or blinds since the screens are easy to attach and remove, allowing you to have sunlight enter while blocking out dangerous UV radiation. Installing these types of screens may seem daunting but they’re very simple to install. You just have to make sure the screen fits snugly over your windows without any spaces in between. In Miami, FL this kind of screen can be purchased from specialized companies or hardware stores.

Installing Window Film

Window film is another way to protect your windows from the sun’s harmful rays. It can be installed on existing or new window panes and it doesn’t take a lot of DIY skills to get the job done. This is because you don’t have to worry about attaching frames, wood, mesh, etc., as this type of film simply sticks directly onto the glass. This method has excellent coverage for your windows and there are dozens of options available in terms of style and color so that they blend seamlessly into your home decor style and design.

This kind of film blocks out damaging UV rays using a special coating that can either be dyed or made with metallic elements which block light by disrupting it. Installation is fairly easy as well and most films come with a complete set of instructions for mounting on your windows.

The only downside is that the film can be scratched or damaged easily, but this can usually be fixed by applying another layer of film or by removing it completely from your window and reinstalling it. There are different options available for window films so you should look around to find a company that you’re comfortable with as well as one that offers competitive prices.

When it comes to making your home comfortable and stylish, you must not skip installing sun protection. Not only can they keep your home safe from harmful UV rays but also add value to your property. So next time you think about some home improvements, don’t forget to look at your sun protection options too.

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