Spruce up your space and support local at the same time!

Geebb Studio is a space that promotes creativity and inspiration, with products handcrafted with love and inspired by you. The brand came to fruition at the beginning of March 2020, as the founder was drawing line art for friends and family. After taking a break to go back to work, they wanted to continue their creative journey by creating something exciting. The founder saw silhouette candles online and after doing some research, realized they could provide the people in their life with candles just like them at an affordable price.

The candles featured on the site are made with a soy wax blend, which includes about 80% soy wax 20% beeswax. The founder also uses simple scents to fragrance the candles. For instance, the body series candles are vanilla scented, and the shaped candles are coconut scented. Additionally, the Bend It series candles are outsourced from a candle company in Mississauga, in which the founder then uniquely hand bends them. As a result, every Bend It candle is unique.

Starting off with only the Vera and Emilia candle, the brand has now blossomed into a name brand with a large clientele base only a year later. With exciting new products being added to the ever-growing collection, we have outlined some of our favourites from the brand down below! 

The Vera Candle: One of the originals that started it all, the Vera Candle is a vanilla-scented, and beautifully crafted goddess figure candle made with a soy wax blend. ($18)

Bend It Candle: One of our favourites, this one of a kind bend it candle is handcrafted and features an unscented taper candle in a short or tall style. ($10)

Impala Cube Candle: The Impala Cube is a full geometric cube candle. Featuring a coconut scent and soy wax blend, this is a home accessory that is perfect for any space. ($24)

Gigi Mini Bubble Cube: One of the cutest candles EVER, this is a mini bubble cube candle featuring a coconut scent and soy wax blend. ($6)

Since we are all spending more time inside these days, it’s time to spruce up our spaces with stunning home accessories from Geebb Studio. Check out geebbstudio.ca to shop our faves and to check out more of the brand’s amazing products.