Starting off 2021 in the right placement is important to comfortable living. Feng Shui is a great practice to make sure that the energy in a room or environment is able to flow properly to best benefit you. 

Feng Shui: spatial laws that govern the arrangement or orientation of a room or space based on the flow of energy. This practice is over 3000 years old and comes from Chinese living. Many Western cultures have adopted this practice to improve their living arrangements and create functional spaces that allow for you and your room to feel free. 

After the year we had with 2020, why not start 2021 with some good energy and a little remodel. The spaces we live in every day should ‘flow’ that way the energy we carry and be filtered properly throughout our day. 

The bedroom. The bedroom is one of the most important living spaces to have ‘feng shui’. Feng Shui in the bedroom is important because it is where you start and end your day. It is the room most important to many people considering it is the most personal in the house and one you spend most of your time in. 

Position- make sure your bed is in the command position, showing it is not in line with the door, you do not want your door to open in line with the bed. Headboard- get a headboard, it represents stability, especially for romantic relationships. Declutter- decluttering around and under your bed is important. Having shoes or luggage under may make you feel like you’re constantly in the ‘moving’ rather than ‘resting’. 

The office. Working from home can be challenging, separating these two lifestyles is hard when you’re used to a more social and focused environment. Location- as the office can be one of the rooms you spend a lot of time in, it is important to move this room as far from the bedroom as possible, including a door or type of separation. Decor- making your office as representational to work as possible is important. Having inspirational work quotes, or achievements like diplomas or awards allows for you to know this space is designated for work. 

The kitchen. A kitchen is a place for gathering and eating, so it is a very important place for you and your family. Many rules of feng shui are keeping the kitchen as energized as possible. Keeping quartz in the fridge allows for your food to stay nourished and your fridge full and positive. Deep clean- cleaning your kitchen should always be a regularly scheduled program, but giving it a deep clean is important for proper feng shui.

So whether you’re staying in bed, or working in the office, keep this new year positive with the right energy, and keep everything flowing throughout each room.