Doja Cat addresses comments regarding her 4C hair.

After the singer dropped new cover art for her single, “Masc,” on Instagram Friday, which was a close-pic shot of her tight, blonde curls. It opened the floodgates of hate comments. Many of the comments made jokes and asked if the photo was pubic hair.

She then hopped on live to rant. “My hair is 4C hair, which a lot of you don’t care, that’s fine, but I’m noticing a consistent pattern of people in my comment section comparing it to sheep, pubic hair […] comparing 4C hair to… ugh pubic hair? really? 

There is still a divide among fans in her comments, some saying she asked for this type of audience and some stating that this is a racist attack.

This is not the first time Doja has faced major online criticism online. So far, her latest outburst has not prompted a significant loss in followers (which she is used to) indicating she has waved out the “fake fans”.

Doja Cat Instagram

The 28-year-old has removed all photos on her Instagram except her new album cover which allegedly led to the controversy.


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Doja Cat natural hair

Since her rebrand, Doja Cat has been embracing her natural hair which is 4C hair.

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