Doja Cat aggressively calls out fans on social media

The Kiss Me More artist lost almost 250k followers in just one day. Why? Over the weekend Doja Cat has been sending aggressive comments to her fans over Twitter and Threads. Since Monday evening after Doja Cat’s prolonged rant, she lost several thousands of fans on social media. It began when Doja Cat targeted fans that referred to themselves as “kittenz”.  “My fans don’t name themselves sh-t. If you call yourself a “kitten” or f-cking “kittenz” that means you need to get off your phone and get a job and help your parents with the house.” 

One fan wrote, “??? only using the name YOU gave your fans.” The kittenz fan base name was actually created in a poll that Doja Cat released in a few years ago. Several fans noticed this comment and called her out as they mentioned that she was the one who created the “kittenz” name in a Twitter poll in 2020. “Doja being mean to her fans for the word kitten like her name isn’t doja CAT and she wasn’t dressed as a cat and meowed her way through an entire interview a few months ago oh she has lost her mind.”

@voguemagazine If there’s one thing to know about #DojaCat, it’s that the singer will stay in character. For her first-ever #MetGala ♬ original sound – Vogue

Over the weekend Doja Cat also called out a fan saying, “You making my government name your sn [screenname] is creepy as f—k.” The kittenz fan’s screen name was Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini aka. Doja Cat’s “government name. ” She announced to other kittenz that they should delete their social media accounts if they continue to use her birth name.

Fans were not happy with her language and one fan responded saying: “We have supported you through thick and thin. Mind you, you’d be NOTHING without us. You’d be working at a grocery store making songs on fucking garage band, miss high school drop out.” While another fan seemed to just want her to express love back to her fans but in response to this comment, Doja Cat savagely said, “I don’t though because I don’t even know y’all.” Read here for more history of Doja Cat’s heated history with fans.

Published by HOLR Magazine.