The coronavirus is turning heads again. According to new information, you can get erectile dysfunction from the coronavirus. According to this study, Covid 19 slowly degenerates the men’s sexual reproductive organ. Once the degeneration process begins, it can result in erectile dysfunction.  

Cardiovascular Repercussions:

Sexual performance is a good predictor of cardiovascular health. A sexually active individual will most likely have good cardiovascular health. An individual who does not have good cardiovascular health is unlikely to have a virile or sexually active reproductive organ. The heart not only supplies blood to the brain but also to the reproductive organs. Due to hyperinflation in the body because of the Covid 19, the blood supply to the reproductive organs becomes constricted. The decrease in blood supply to the reproductive organs has multiple effects on the body. 

Psychological Ramifications:

The health of the reproductive organs has a direct effect on the self-image of an individual. An active sex life gives more opportunities for an individual to praise their performance. Not performing triumphantly sexually has more than one consequence. The individual begins to question their abilities.

Sexually inactive people have the risk of developing depression, anxiety, stress, and lower overall self-esteem. If a young person develops erectile dysfunction it can be an indication of more serious physical and psychological concerns. Do not hesitate to get your erectile dysfunction test kit from

Impact on Reproductive Organs & Fertility:

Erectile dysfunction can be a risk associated with the Covid 19 virus. People who have contracted the virus and become healthy again may still have some form of erectile dysfunction. Initially, there is no way to tell if the damage caused by the virus has been temporary or permanent. More research needs to be done to establish facts. There is a probability that contracting the Covid 19 virus can affect the fertility of a male. Age is also a factor that needs to be considered taking in the risk of developing erectile dysfunction. 

Why Does the Risk of ED Increase With Age?

The aging process changes a lot of bodily functions. For example, the bones in your body take seven years to completely regenerate. An individual is at their full height after the bones have regenerated three times, or at the age of 21. The body performs two more periods of regeneration (i.e. at the age of 35) after that the degeneration begins. The same processes take place with the different organs in the body. For example, the skin, hair, eyes, ears, and sense of smell all degenerate slowly over time. This deterioration increases the risk of erectile dysfunction and many other diseases. Understand that with aging the reproductive organs that produce testosterone also produce lower levels of the hormone. 

Lifestyle Changes to Limit Erectile Dysfunction:

Several factors are in the lifestyle of youngsters that can become the cause of erectile dysfunction. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the first causes of erectile dysfunction for older men. According to this 2012 study men under the age of 40 who exercised were far less likely to have erectile dysfunction. The men who don’t exercise can become an easy target for erectile dysfunction. 

Youngsters who smoke heavily and drink alcohol regularly are more likely to have erectile dysfunction. Smoking damages the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. The functioning of both these systems is required for the reproductive organs to work efficiently.

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