HOLR is breaking down the news involving the Drake concert in Vancouver and what happened. 

The Drake concert scheduled to take place in Vancouver on Monday, August 28 was canceled. Check out the controversy and why it was allegedly canceled, below. According to the below TikTok video posted by user @hardjlife, the Drake concert was canceled recently, seemingly without an explanation. Check out what concertgoers went through in the video posted below in terms of trying to figure out what happened.


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Drake Concert Vancouver 

As demonstrated in the TikTok video, it looks like a representative is telling the crowd that the concert is canceled for the evening. The person in the video says that this decision is “out of [their] control.” However, there isn’t much detail given regarding why the concert was canceled. Drake has posted the below story to his Instagram following the news in terms of the concert being postponed. The concert is now supposedly scheduled to take place on Wednesday.


Image Credit: @champagnepapi Instagram

Commenters and fellow concert attendees took to the comment section of the video to describe their frustration:


Image Credit: TikTok

Others took to the comment section to speculate why the concert was canceled. Some think that it was due to technical difficulties at the scheduled venue.


Image Credit: TikTok

What do you think about the controversy surrounding the Drake concert being canceled in Vancouver?

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