Why is the internet “cringing” over a recent Drew Barrymore interview with US Vice President Kamala Harris? 

HOLR breaks it down.

Drew Barrymore Kamala

According to this TikTok video posted by user @mrsmodine, the internet thought that this viral moment between Barrymore and Harris on Barrymore’s Talk Show was awkward and cringeworthy.


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Drew Barrymore Mamala Explained 

In the clip, Barrymore is sitting down to chat with Harris. During their cozy conversation, Barrymore states, “I’ve been really thinking we really all need a tremendous hug in the world now, but in our country we need you to be ‘Momala’ of the country.” (as also noted here) It seemed like a heartwarming moment but the internet didn’t supposedly see it that way and decided to seemingly poke fun at it.

This sparked widespread attention online after people allegedly found the term and subsequent moment to be “cringe.” This is what some commenters had to say about the moment in the comment section of the above video. People also made various memes about the interaction.

What does Mamala mean in Spanish?

People also took to the comment section to explain that Mamala allegedly means something different in Spanish.

Apparently, this term is informal and vulgar, having been translated to mean “suck it.”

What are your thoughts on this moment between Barrymore and Harris?

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