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These are the top trending stories – and related updates- of the week:

Battery Park Blanket Couple:

A couple who were allegedly spotted getting a little too adventurous under a blanket at Battery Park in NYC have been exposed. Their identities have not yet been revealed but a video clip of the duo allegedly “doing it” under a blanket went viral on TikTok and caused widespread attention online. There are reportedly multiple angles and POVs of the duo allegedly having s*x at the park under the blanket. The pair have not come forward to address these claims.

Update: There are no new updates to share regarding this story

Maria Georgas Call Her Daddy Episode

The Bachelor’s Maria Georgas went on Call Her Daddy to expose some behind-the-scenes info about her time on the show. She also dove into her real-life relationships, as well. Georgas talked about her relationship with her friend Nick Viall, how she was originally going to be the next Bachelorette, and how one of her exes cheated on her. This snippet of how she found out her ex reportedly cheated on her went viral after she explained how she saw footage on a security camera that led her to believe her ex was seeing someone behind her back. In terms of the Bachelorette, Georgas admitted that she turned down the role of being the next Bachelorette, which went to Jenn Tran.

Update: The ex in this alleged scenario is reportedly Kai Bent-Lee, who is the son of Chef Susur Lee.

Drew Barrymore and Kamala Harris Interview

Drew Barrymore went viral after a clip of her interview with Kamala Harris started circulating online. In the video, Barrymore tells Harris that America needs her to be “Momala” of the country following recent hardships. The internet had a field day poking fun at this conversation, making memes about the situation.

Update: Fans claimed the moment was awkward and cringeworthy. As well, Barrymore was allegedly accused of “disrespecting” Kamala Harris. Apparently, Barrymore has not addressed this viral video or the claims made online.

Baby Reindeer Real Martha Tweets Exposed

Baby Reindeer made headlines after the Netflix series went viral. Based on a true story of Richard Gadd’s real-life relationships and the subsequent events that follow, Baby Reindeer became a seemingly overnight success. The real-life Martha Scott was allegedly revealed to be a woman named Fiona Harvey although this has not been officially confirmed. Fans also uncovered tweets from Harvey which led them to believe she may be the real Martha Scott because the tweets reportedly resembled her behavior on the show.

Update: One tweet – allegedly from Harvey- mentions the need to “hang the curtains” which is a pivotal moment shown in the show. These tweets have led people online to believe that Harvey is the real Martha Scott. However, the creator, Richard Gadd, has asked people to stop looking for real-life depictions of his characters.

Hailey Bieber Pregnant in Hawaii?

A video of Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber in Hawaii has sparked rumors that she may be pregnant. The model was spotted wearing a flowy dress which caused fans to think that she may be hiding a baby bump. Rumors online also speculated that she may already be 6 months pregnant. Hailey and Justin have not addressed these rumors.

Update: The Met Gala is tonight so people think that the Biebers may attend together and debut Hailey’s baby bump on the Met Gala steps but this is all speculation as nothing has been confirmed. It remains alleged that Hailey may be pregnant.

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