Drew Barrymore recently issued an apology on social media. HOLR is breaking it down- plus the rumors- below.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @dailymail, Barrymore recently issued an apology in regard to swirling rumors surrounding her show running despite the Writer’s Strike.


BREAKING: Drew Barrymore has issued an apology after she chose to RESUME production on the ‘Drew Barrymore show’ whilst her writers are fighting for fair pay amid Hollywood strikes #fyp #drewbarrymore #sagaftra #drewbarrymoreshow #viral #strikes #actorsstrike #wgastrike #rundown #breakingnews

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Drew Barrymore Apology

As shown in the video, Barrymore takes to social media to address resuming production on her show amidst the widespread Writer’s Strike that has impacted industry writers, production etc. However, since it has been uploaded it has seemingly been deleted by Barrymore, which has caused fans to question why.

Drew Barrymore News

This TikTok video posted by user @mollybmcpherson breaks down the video and Barrymore addressing and taking responsibility for her actions.


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The TikToker tries to decode Barrymore’s actions by claiming that Barrymore allegedly doesn’t want to come back or cross the picket line, but that CBS is giving her reportedly very “complex and compelling reasons” to do so.

Although we don’t know why Barrymore deleted her recent video or if these TikTok claims are true, what do you think about Barrymore’s latest apology?

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