Don’t let the freezing temperatures discourage you from working out. Try these indoor fitness routines this winter to get you back in shape. 

Easy Fitness Routines To Try Indoors This Winter

Whether you prefer working out outdoors or in a gym, there’s no denying wintertime can affect your regular fitness routines. So, in case you are affected by the winter blues, these indoor fitness routines are a good backup for when you do not wish to bundle up and go to the gym. The exercises listed below can vary from a quick 15-minute workout to an extensive hour-long routine. This depends on how much work you want to achieve. Feel free to mix and match the routines and increase the difficulty to your liking. 

Yoga For Endurance and Flexibility

An obvious choice for a simple mat exercise is yoga. These exercises are especially good if you are currently working from home. Sitting in front of a computer all day can be hard for your lower back, so doing a few stretches here and there will improve your posture and flexibility. If you are unsure what routines to take, Youtubers like Yoga With Adriene are easy to follow and they have a wide variety of classes based on your mood and skills. 

Barre Pilates For Core Strength 

Barre is a type of workout that is inspired by pilates, yoga, and ballet. If you want to do something more intense than yoga and have the sculpting technique of pilates (but better) then Barre is for you. Typically in a regular Barre class, you will need an exercise ball, a mat, light dumbbells and of course, a barre. But obviously, you can’t have all of those things at home, so a good alternative is to use a dining chair. This video by Move With Nicole can show you how to achieve a 25-minute cardio Barre from home. 

Walk Up The Stairs For Cardio and Leg Day

Easy Fitness Routines To Try Indoors This Winter

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If your go-to workout is to go for a run every day, then the drop in temperature and snow days may prohibit you from doing your favourite workout. But don’t worry, desperate time calls for desperate measures, or so they say. You can still get your cardio by simply walking up and down the stairs. This will work best if you live in a high-rise apartment, but any staircases will do. This is also a good workout for indoor leg days. Try doing variations of squats and lunges in between your run, and I can guarantee that you will feel the burn. 

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