Are you looking to spice up a room or two in your home, but don’t want to fully redecorate? Looking to brighten your space with some colour? Here’s some fun and trendy ways you can bring a little colour into your home

Image courtesy of Cover These Walls

Wall decals and accents

By now we’ve all heard of accent walls, one wall out of four painted in a bright or contrasting colour from the other three. But what about giving one wall its own accent? A funky new design trend is to have one section of a wall, often in a simple geometric shape like a rectangle, circle or archway, in a different colour to highlight the furniture and decor in front of it. For example, putting a forest green rectangle stretching across the wall behind a shelf, or a peach-coloured archway behind your vanity to really make it pop! This can be done with paint or with decals.

Image courtesy of Gardenista

Plant walls

House plants are nothing new, but something that’s become trendy lately is having enough houseplants to make a garden inside your home. Rather than having your plant tucked away in a corner, or a handful of flowers sitting in a vase on your dinner table, put your plants centre stage, let them fill your space with their leaves.A great way to do this is with plant walls, to bring a vertical aspect to your indoor greenery. Everything from rows of shelves, to special wall-mounted flower pots, to hanging macrame plant holders are all different options. There are just about as many different ways to put plants on your wall as there are flora to choose from, so you can really make this one your own!


Neon lights are a huge way to add an aesthetic flair to your space, and a fun alternative to traditional table lamps or overhead lighting. And because they’re so popular, you can get them for cheap too! Small ones in premade shapes or popular words will be the cheapest options, with shapes like clouds, lightning bolts, or aliens, and plays on old “open” signs or the word love in pink cursive letters being hot commodities.  Many sellers will also offer customizable options, whether that’s including your name in a sign, or writing out full text in a colour of your choice. This way you’re not just bringing the colour but you get to bring some imagery into your home as well!

Acrylic art

If you’re looking for something bright and colourful, but doesn’t need to get plugged in like a neon light would, then check out these funky neon Acrylic statues by Kast Studio. Based in Toronto, the studio makes colourful acrylic sculptures and earrings in all sorts of colours and shapes. From the CN Tower in Toronto to a 2D fluorescent recreation of the David, Kast has a wide selection of decor items to add a splash of colour to your home.