Sustainability never looked so good! 


Photo Credit: eBay

Trends come and go but sustainable shopping will never go out of style. It can be hard to shop guilt-free in a world where trends last all but a week. But, eBay’s got you covered!

eBay is dedicated to finding ways to alleviate the fashion industry’s waste problem with its new Authenticity Guarantee program. Shopping vintage and pre-loved products have become an increasingly popular sustainable alternative to fast fashion. eBay has adopted the pre-loved model offering customers the opportunity to confidently purchase pre-owned sneakers. 

Sneakers are no longer just a symbol of athleticism and comfort but a fashion statement. From Vans Old Skool’s to Balenciaga Triple S’ sneakers are a cultural commodity that acts as an extension of who we are. 

The market for sneakers has grown but, the supply hasn’t grown with it. More often than not it can be hard to buy sneakers when they drop. Correspondingly, consumers often look online to buy their sneakers from a third party which can have them running into knock-off products. 

eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee program has a dedicated, independent team of authenticators who inspect new or pre-owned sneakers before they are shipped off to a new home – at no extra charge to the shopper. With eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee program you’re not only shopping consciously but cautiously! 

eBay sneaker finds we’re loving:
Air Jordan 1

Photo Credit: eBay

Air Jordan 1 Mid University Gold White Black and Yellow

For $135 USD ($173 CAD) this limited-edition shoe is fit to up your street style game. It was released in 2021 and comes in a men’s 7.5 from one of eBay’s top sellers.

Spiridon Cage 2

Photo Credit: eBay

Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Cage 2 White Flash Crimson

An underrated shoe yet still a sneaker-head find for the girl who’s too cool for mainstream trends. The top-rated seller is selling an 8.5 women’s for $100 USD (128 CAD).

Jordan 4 Sail

Photo Credit: Nike

Off White Nike Air Jordan 4 Sail

This trendy shoe is a hot commodity right now reselling for upwards of $1000. The seller is selling a men’s 10 for $899.99 USD ($1136 CAD).