To accommodate the need for staple items, ECCO has launched their Leather Goods’ collection at their flagship Montreal location with an exclusive art installation by famed artist David Umemoto.

Heading into fall means we all are in need of a reliable bag that will function from work to home and everywhere in between. Every outfit needs an accessory that can be paired with a dressed-up or dressed-down look. Luckily, nothing is more universal and classic than leather!

The new line is where innovation and sustainability meet to create an entirely new design within the Pot Bag ($140-175). With modern creativity in mind, ECCO Leather Goods are designed to cater to cool consumers on-the-go that live a hybrid lifestyle between work and play. Staying true to ECCO’s sustainability mission, the accessories are made from eco-conscious material. This continues to align with the brand’s purpose of acting for people and the planet with responsibly-produced materials and a luxury-level of construction to offer a new take on the future of hyper-desirable leather goods.

The Pot Bag is inspired by the form of a vintage ceramic watering can. The bag is designed to be a staple accessory with the ability to be worn necklace style or crossbody. This Pot Bag and the rest of ECCO’s Leather Good collection is available in eclectic colours, including marble lilac, marigold, aubergine, vetiver, electric blue and black.  Space and freedom of movement are at the heart of the design to accommodate consumers on-the-go to live freely. With safety as a priority, the store welcomes guests to experience the innovative partnership between famed artist David Umemoto’s and the new ELU collection. The accessories collection is a progressive step from their staple shoe collection, signifying the “The New Utopian”, an era aimed to connect with progressive, optimistic, and mindful revolutionaries. Every accessory is carefully crafted with Dri-Tan leather intricately cut to create functional and everyday staples for the modern on-the-go individual. Both ECCO and David wanted to create an experience that embodied the expressive artistry of the collection.

Check out this new collection here!

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Published by HOLR Magazine.