Lisa Gozlan has officially launched her namesake debut fine jewelry collection. After a year of curating, refining and perfecting is now live. 

cover photo/ photography via @jeremydupont

Photographer: @jeremydupont


Lisa Gozlan started her namesake brand out of the desire to find jewelry pieces that she could style both on herself and her clients, without compromising design or quality. As an editorial/ personal stylist and the founder of Lisa Gozlan Fine Jewelry, she has spent the past year testing her collection to ensure the pieces more than just wearable — she wanted them to be essential. 

HOLR’s Digital Editor had the chance to interview Lisa on her latest jewelry designs — she gives us the inside scoop on running her business, what inspires her designs, and who she makes them for.


What inspired you to launch your own Jewelry line? 

I’ve always wanted to run my own business, I knew I was an entrepreneur and it was really about finding the right niche for me to run with. Fashion and jewelry go hand in hand. As I started to grow my styling business I realized jewelry was always such an important part of how I styled, both my clients and myself. Jewelry can change a look, and how you feel in what you’re wearing. It’s something that has always been a part of my creativity. With my husband Ryan being a 5th generation jeweler, we decided to come together to create Lisa Gozlan Jewelry. 


What’s the most challenging thing about running your business? 

The challenge has been getting the wheels into motion and building brand awareness. A successful business is like a well oiled machine with lots of moving parts. It really takes hard work and motivation to get the momentum going and once you have that momentum it’s a whole other beast maintaining it, especially amidst the highs and lows, and the noise of ecommerce brands. Being successful takes resilience. It’s a process and not something that happens overnight.

 There is no entry way to create, so if you are passionate, just go for it! Take the leap — the hardest part is getting started. Ignore the haters, and don’t take criticism to heart use it as fuel and learn from it, but always trust your gut. If you want something, envision your dreams and project positive energy, and good things will happen. Don’t forget to take care of yourself.


What kind of woman is your jewelry designed for? Who is your ideal customer? 

My jewelry is for everyone. Designed for women of any age to feel confident. Confidence and style looks different for every woman, and I think that’s what has been beautiful. Seeing how people wear our pieces differently. It’s about making women feel radiant, and empowering them above all to be their version of effortless classy, and cool.

Photo by @jeremydupont


What’s the creation process like? 

The inspiration comes from all over, lots of our creations are designed collaboratively with Ryan who then creates the pieces and oversees product development and production. We work hand in hand with our craftsmen and are involved in every step of the process.


How would you describe your designs? 

Classic and timeless with an edge of course. We look forward to the release of our new designs soon! *hint hint*


Rapid Fire Questions: 

What’s a fun fact most people don’t know about you?  I launched ‘Renard Jewelry’ in 2002 and got Snoop Dog and Alessandra Ambrossio to wear the pieces! 

Favourite Drink? Moscow Mule.

Gold or Silver? Gold.

Favourite Designer at the moment? Daniel Lee of Bottega Veneta.

Favourite movie? The Shining.

A travel destination you would like to visit? St. Moritz


For the latest designs, keep up with the brand on their website at 


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