The state of our planet and the damage the fashion industry has on it is a pressing conversation. The fast fashion industry has had a long-lasting effect on our planet and many people are finding ways to eliminate fast fashion. Fast fashion has been an issue circulating the fashion industry for some time now.

Many people are seeking brands that are more conscious of the products and methods they are using to produce their lines. Here are companies that are trying to make a difference in the global footprint.

Save The Duck
Save The Duck is an outerwear company that uses cruelty-free processes to create its products. The main insulator they use is Plumtech®, which is a down-like material that has been manufactured from recycled plastic. Save The Duck’s environmental conscience has saved 18,000,000 ducks since 2015.

Bird is an eyewear company built by three brothers whose aim was to create an ethical brand. Every pair of sunglasses and glasses are manufactured using mindful materials. Bird partnered with SolarAid and they have a program called ‘Share Your Sun’. Every purchase of glasses helps disburse solar energy (energy harvested from the sun to produce electricity) to African communities.

House of Sunny
In pushing against fast fashion, House of Sunny only releases two collections a year. House of Sunny puts in a tremendous amount of work ensuring that all their materials are sustainable and visiting their overseas partners to ensure the conditions are ethical. House of Sunny does not use leather, skins, or silks. Any leftover fabric is used to create accessories or care labels to make sure no product goes to waste.

NAK (No Animal Killed)
NAK, established in 2014, created its label with the thought that no animal needs to be harmed to have elegant shoes. NAK has a classic but cruelty-free product.

Lark & Berry
Lark & Berry is a jewelry company that uses exclusively lab-grown diamonds. Diamond mining has been known for its environmental impact and exploitation of workers. Lark & Berry diamonds are just as dazzling as mined diamonds but are sustainably sourced.

All these brands are here to make a difference and are wanting to make it with you. Consider where and what you are buying the next time you make a purchase. Before shopping fast fashion consider a more sustainable business and limit your global footprint!

Published by HOLR Magazine