You can’t have sunshine without a little rain. One’s personal moments of love, joy and silliness are sometimes amplified by dark ambience, and confusing emotional mayhem. Today the Toronto musician and founder of the “Faces” playlist, Elliston, shows this to be true with the release of his new single “See You Again”.

After conquering the challenge of covering a Drake song ending up as a finalist in the 2020 Serious Betty cover competition, Elliston is ready to woo us once again with “See You Again”; a sexy, sunny R&B song that is both dark and ambient, yet upbeat. Although one may not instantly associate these vibes, sounds, and emotions with one another, they manage to perfectly portray the prospect of modern dating; where we can be really into someone, then just…. are not anymore. This style of emotional and mental whiplash can leave both parties feeling self-conscious and confused; but the sunshine seeping in is about allowing us to help ourselves from the inside out. “See You Again” demonstrates the common set back of modern dating; both parties feeling confused, uncertain about what they want, and unintentionally hurting themselves and their partner on the journey.

While this is not a pleasant experience to be a part of, it is not necessarily a bad thing. It pushes us towards personal growth and healing, that for a moment, even if brief, something special was shared between two people –  that’s where we see the beautiful, sunshine mentality of Elliston.

Apart from performing as Elliston and songwriting for other artists, the creative also curates “Faces” playlist (FKA “New Faces of Toronto“). Today actually marks the re-brand of this playlist. Elliston explains that the new playlist is a borderless music curation of faces needed to be heard. Although still focused on Toronto talent, these emerging acts are from far all over, delivering innovative sounds that belong in one box.

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