Emma Chamberlain talks with E!News on life after her breakup.

A month after her breakup with Role Model, Emma Chamberlain is loving life as a single woman.

emma chamberlain split role model

Credit Image: Emma Chamberlain Instagram

And on November 16, Emma spoke with Francesca Amiker at GQ‘s Men of the Year event, where she revealed she was “feeling good.”

“I’m good, I feel really good,” she said.

Seemingly taking a ‘everything happens for a reason approach,’ Emma hinted things in her life had fallen into place for her.

“You know what? Everything falls into place as it should. I mean, I guess not everything, but a lot of things do, especially in this context. It always does.”

In fact, she appears to be using this time to refocus and reconnect with her inner self and that’s great.

It’s something we all should do throughout our lives.

And in her own words “I think it’s a great opportunity to check back in with you. So, that’s how I’m kind of using this time.”

When you remember that there is nothing to be worried about.

Perhaps one of the most famous quotes of hers but also one of the most powerful and seemed fitting for this moment.

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So, with this powerful reminder in our minds, what else is happening Emma Chamberlain’s world?

Even though Emma seems happy where her life is now, a recent article could potentially derail it.

Is Emma being subjected to classism, jealousy and misogynism? A blatant attempt to sabotage a beautiful talent according to Pedestrian TV.

Watch this TikTok video to see why people think so.

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Unfortunately an overwhelming number of people agreed with Emmerson.

So, while Emma takes the time to refocus and centre herself, people are trying to sabotage her and tear her down.

And the comments varied from what degrees she needs, how long she should spend in college,

While others criticised her lack of grammar and language as the cause of her “ineffective communication.”

But what do you think? Do you think they’re right?

We at least are happy she is taking this time for herself and doing what is best for her not what others want.

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