“Destruction has noise, but creation is quiet”- Elin Peer


We have just closed out a very large cycle of karmic lessons that have been carried with for many lifetimes. Now, the question we must ask ourselves is, can we integrate these lessons into this new cycle? Can we take what we have learned with us and continue to move forward towards the life that serves your highest good. Will you choose to keep creating, or will you choose to keep destroying?


Photo Credit – billfryemire.com

We have a tendency as humans to forget what we have just learned. We very quickly slip back into our old patterns and fear-based thoughts. Do not allow the doubt and the fear to overshadow the clarity. Keep surrounding your self with your vision holders and those that want to see you step fully into the highest expression of yourself. The ones that won’t forget when you do. Begin to identify when the hurricane of destruction enters and ask yourself, am I destroying what I have just created? Did I already forget what I just learned? And then take a breath, and choose again. Just because you are comfortable in destruction, does not make it where you want to be. It is possible in this reality to create anything you desire. You just have to keep going building.


Photo Credit – seanoriordanphotography.com

The lesson right now is to catch the chaos when it comes and let it simmer. Once the fire settles, keep creating. If you need to make amendments, try modifying those areas that aren’t working, instead of destroying the entire vision. Re-set your intention for that particular piece, and trust that the energy has already shifted. Keep building. The foundation has been laid.

Mantra – I choose to create, not destroy