The Universe is prompting you to be mindful of your thoughts. When the head and the heart are out of alignment it can create a distortion in our field.


What you are projecting magnetically (from the heart) is begin skewed by what you are creating electrically (from the mind). The head and the heart create our aura, or what we call the electromagnetic field, and this is what attracts and repels the experiences of our lives. If what is showing up for you does not feel or look quite right, trust that instinct and try again. Take a few moments (or days) to retreat into your self. Observe whether or not you have simply fallen into old negative thought-loops, or if you are un-intentionally blocking what is showing up for you. All you need to do is notice, re-direct your mind and open the heart by giving yourself permission to break down any walls of protection that may have built up as a result of past experiences. Be compassionate during this process, but keep aligning your thoughts to the highest and your heart to the vulnerable. There are so many gifts coming to you, you simply have to be open to receive them.



My head and my heart are in alignment. I lead from a place of Love, and I Trust that I am supported.