Audible Article

When times get challenging can you turn within and find your own inner light each and every time? Moving through the cycle of collective grief we have no choice right now but to face ourselves. Both our shadows and our light. When offered this opportunity do you fight, flight or freeze? Each moment a new choice may be made, but as you alchemize the emotions of fear, anger, sorrow, frustration, etc, can you give yourself a chance to be compassionate and really feel what it is you need to feel? Can you truly go within and sit with the discomfort of what you are going through and can you listen deeply to what your own heart is trying to say? This is the time to do it, and what we are really searching for is the ability to find your light and come back home to it each and every time you are thrown off course. You can only open to the world to the amount you have opened to yourself. You don’t need anyone but you to make this happen, and it’s been your journey since day one. You can do it. And you will. Begin again each and every day until it becomes a new way of being.

Mantra – I am vulnerable enough to show up in all my forms.