At this time we are being offered the opportunity to view one situation from different angles, and many are feeling conflicted as to which path to choose.

What if you were told that you don’t need to? That you can be both all and none. This and that. Here and there. True wholeness is where there is no duality and everything exists as one. Start within, and move outwards, knowing that paths will naturally emerge with your highest intention in mind. Try the practice of being the observer in a space where there is friction, or where you are being asked to choose, and instead of reacting, simply be you, and know that you are directing them back to being them. Reframe your language from this OR that to this AND that. You can be both. We each possess our own uniqueness, and yet are all connected so by remaining in your space of wholeness, it will direct another back to there’s.

This wholeness is a space where everything you have ever desired is vibrating in complete harmony, and the outcome serves everyone and everything. It is your destiny, so release into it. You already have it, it’s just time to let go.

Mantra – I choose me.