A proposal is a beautiful beginning for a couple. It shows the two love birds have agreed to get married and be together for the rest of their lives. Usually, the event is marked by an engagement ring, which friends and family members are eager to see, and the bride and groom are excited to show off. 

If you’re planning to propose to someone soon, it might be an exciting but scary and stressful time. If you feel this way, it’s expected. Also, you aren’t alone; if you have a friend who’s already done it, they’ll tell you they’ve gone through the same emotions. In most cases, the anxiety comes from worrying if your other half will say yes and some rules associated with the process.

You can use various ways to know if your partner is ready for the big question. For example, you can casually ask them without raising suspicion about their feelings if you propose. You can also evaluate how they’d react if you bring up future plans to them. Besides, you can ask close friends or family members if your partner mentioned being married to you is the next step they’re looking forward to.

You’ve now established that your other half is ready to spend the rest of their life with you. Next, you must familiarize yourself with the etiquette associated with this process. After that, you’ll be ready to pop the question without fear or anxiety. 

Here are three things you should know before getting down on one knee:

1. Ring Necessity 

You’ve probably noticed that many people will have a ring ready for their partners during a proposal. Though this is common, a ring isn’t necessary during the event. You can propose first, then do ring shopping later with your partner. This way, if they love platinum or gold bands, gemstone or diamond stones, pear, cushion, or oval-cut engagement rings, they can pick something they like. 

2. Ring Payment

Traditionally, the partner proposing purchases the engagement ring. In heterosexual unions, for instance, the man will buy it. In this case, they may spend their three months’ salary to pay for the ring. Besides, they might use a credit card or loan to finance the purchase. 

However, things have changed over time. You may find women buying the engagement ring and proposing to their partners. Besides, some couples split the bill regardless of their union type. That said, you might also find some modern women who’d prefer their men to purchase the ring for heterosexual partners. When paying for an engagement ring, the best thing to do is to inquire from your other half first. 

If they’d prefer the traditional way, it’s good to honor their wishes. However, if they’d like to cost share, this gives you a chance to plan for the purchase and insurance of the ring by budgeting and saving together. 

Spending what you can manage on an engagement ring is best. So, you can buy an affordable one and then upgrade later. Regardless of your agreement with your partner, it’s best to communicate about finances, especially as early as before marriage. This lays a good foundation for your future. 

3. Reusing A Ring

You might have another ring from your previous relationship that ended. Your partner may love the ring’s style, cut, setting, and other aspects but want a new ring. In this case, getting another ring with the preferred features for your loved one is best. 

Alternatively, your partner may want some of the used ring’s aspects altered to their specifications. If this is the case, honor their wishes. On the other hand, a loved one may not like the old ring. So, don’t force it on them. 

Generally, avoiding reusing an engagement ring from an unsuccessful relationship is advisable. This is because it may be a constant reminder of how things ended. Instead, buy a new one. However, if you and your partner are okay with the old ring, you can propose to them with it.

Family heirlooms are special kinds of used rings. They’ve been passed down from one generation to another and are rich with family traditions and history. Your partner may feel greatly honored to wear your family heirloom. However, you should consult with them first. It’s  best to let your partner know how they’ll return your ring if things don’t go well.  

Final Thoughts 

A proposal begins a new chapter for you and your other half. This beautiful event is marked with an engagement ring. If you plan to propose to your partner soon, you may be excited but anxious, which is normal. 

Therefore, you must first identify your partner’s readiness to spend their life with you. Once that’s clear, you must familiarize yourself with the etiquette associated with the process. These two steps will help make your proposal much easier. 

Published by HOLR Magazine.