Michael Jackson, King of Pop, was allegedly revealed as one of the names associated with Jeffrey Epstein. HOLR breaks it down.

Michael Jackson Epstein Island

Michael Jackson Jeffrey Epstein

Jackson was reportedly one of the names that was named in the Epstein documents that were supposedly recently released. Epstein was known for associating with notable celebrities and political figures, as noted here.

Michael Jackson Jeffrey Epstein

According to this social media post, Jackson was allegedly named by a witness who claimed that the singer was present at Epstein’s house in Palm Beach, but did not get a massage from an underage girl.

As noted here in this related article, one of Epstein’s accusers alleged that she met Jackson at Epstein’s Florida, home. However, documents revealed that nothing inappropriate allegedly happened.

Jeffrey Epstein Documents Unsealed

News of Jackson being one of the names revealed in court documents reportedly shocked the world. News continues to emerge regarding those that Epstein seemingly interacted with.

When did Michael Jackson die?

Jackson died at the age of 50 on June 25, 2009, due to cardiac arrest.

Michael Jackson Kids

Jackson has three children; Paris Jackson, Prince Jackson, and Bigi Jackson.

What do you think about Jackson being named as one of the people Epstein had allegedly previously associated with?

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