Canadian brand EQ3 is proud of the heritage that Canada’s elements bring to their design approach. Their approach is considered timeless and takes the elements that Canada has as a country, and turns them into their designs. 

EQ3 is sharing their love of design with Montreal architectural duo Rainville and Sangaree, creating pieces that are crafted from long-lasting solid ash wood, that brings warmth, softness and stability into any room it is in. 

The collaboration is on minimalist stools and benches inspired by the uniform look of tree logs stacked in a truck. This look is a common view in Canada as we are a leading country when it comes to milling, especially in provinces like British Colombia where we have some of the world oldest trees. 

The Biau Collection is going to launch in June 2021 but we are giving you an inside look at what to expect from the Canadian collaboration. This collection is distinguished by sculptural qualities and comfort, its composition is coherent while maintaining a generous geometrical shape. 

The Biau Stool $399:


The seamless look resembles the inspiration perfectly. 4 post logs seamlessly joins together with three logs to represent the ‘stacked’ look. This stool can be used purely for decoration as it brings warmth and comfort to any room, or can be used as a seating stool. 

The Biau Bench $999: 


The bench is the same resemblance as the stool, the uniform look allows for the architecture to evolve around the pieces themselves. As timeless pieces, they can work in any room, bringing comfort and warmth. The log design is the exact same with a three width seat and 4 posts. The collection comes in Ash or black ash. 

The Biau collection is set to launch in-store and online at EQ3  in June 2021.