LATINAS WANTED was born in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, when three Toronto-based Latina actors, Andrea Gallo, Débora Demestre, and Graciela Martinez, began discussing the challenges of getting acting work although English is their second language. This six-episode comedic series, based on real experiences, launches on ESL Actors Canada YouTube and Facebook on June 26, 2020, at 1 pm ET. New episodes will be released every Friday for six weeks.

Humorous and pointed, LATINAS WANTED is a satiric poke in the ribs. Wake up Hollywood, #LatinasToo has started. Episodes include: zoom auditioning, typecasting, trying to lose your accent and sound American, Finding a Talent Agent, Callbacks, and Latino sci-fi.

About Latinas Wanted team

Andrea Gallo (originally from Venezuela), is a business administrator and beauty pageant model who escaped her home country in hopes of a better quality of life. Currently working as an actor in Canada and facing limitations in the industry due to her accent. Débora Demestre (originally from Venezuela), is an actor active in the Toronto film industry for over 10 years. Graciela Martinez (originally from Ecuador), graduated from Seneca College and completed her Improvisation training at Second City, and has been working in the Toronto film industry for 3 years.