Why is Eugenia Cooney trending? HOLR breaks down the rumors.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @slaywithaliciamae, Eugenia Cooney’s mom is trending after this video clip went viral online.


Eugenia just wanted to look at the moon but her mom would not allow her to even go outside. The home environment is so toxic y’all. #eugeniacooneymom #helpeugeniacooney #eugeniacooneyedit #eugeniacooneyreddit #Eugeniacooney #whatthehell #eugeniacooney #eugeniacooneydoesntcare

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Eugenia Cooney 2023

As noted in the TikTok video, Cooney wanted to look at the moon but her mom allegedly wouldn’t let her. She could only look through the window. She was on live when the incident occurred and the TikToker claims that the video broke “her heart.”

The TikToker claims it’s a sad situation and that Cooney is allegedly “embarrassed” and “scared” of her mom.

Eugenia Cooney Healthy

Cooney’s recent videos have garnered multiple views, however, commenters are worried about her health.  When she recently went MIA online, she resurfaced which seemingly caused controversy because people did not know what happened. People are also allegedly not happy as Cooney reportedly has been making jokes about the crisis center being called on her.

Although there is no concrete evidence to support claims her mother is controlling her, what do you think about this recent video going viral?

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