Is Eugenia back? The content creator was back on TikTok live shocking fans after allegedly going missing.

Eugenia Cooney 2023

According to this TikTok video posted by user @recoveredmom1, we have an update regarding content creator, Eugenia Cooney.


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Eugenia Cooney Missing

As HOLR previously reported, there was a rumor going around that Cooney’s TikTok account was allegedly banned following fans becoming concerned with Cooney’s health. Cooney was also criticized for joking about the health center being called on her and when her TikTok account went down fans thought she was admitted for her health.

As noted in the above TikTok video, Cooney’s accounts were still allegedly active during her supposed disappearance but people thought it was her mom posting the content and not Cooney. However, as it turns out Cooney did a livestream with other creators on Sunday, October 1st. She allegedly discussed meeting with the mobile crisis center in which she claimed that from time to time they’ll have to meet with her as they get “crazy” phone calls. She alleges that one person found the head commissioner’s number this time. She states that they’re just doing their “job” and “asking some questions.” She also claims it can be “scary” when these things happen as a result of “past experiences.”

Eugenia Cooney Healthy

Fans have long wondered if Cooney is healthy as she is extremely thin. Following the content creator disappearing from social media, fans became concerned wondering what had happened and if the star was getting help.

As noted in the above TikTok video, Cooney addressed health claims in the TikTok livestream and stated that “everything turned out fine” and “everything was good.”

Eugenia Cooney TikTok

During the live stream, Cooney was online with other creators- including Jeffree Star. However, some fans think Star is allegedly enabling her behavior. During the live stream, Cooney also addresses the live stream she did before Thursday in which a tarot card reader did a live reading for her and tried to reach her through that.

Eugenia Cooney Reddit

Reddit users took to the platform to discuss Cooney’s recent livestream behavior in which she addressed doing drugs with Star. Fans are not happy with the interaction and don’t like the fact that Star wanted to supposedly introduce substances to Cooney as mentioned in the livestream.

What do you think about the updates surrounding Cooney and her reappearance?

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