The popular HBO television show Euphoria has officially been renewed for a 3rd season. 

The HBO show stars Zendaya, Hunter Shafer, Jacob Elordi and Sydney Sweenie. The cast from the first season to the second season has grown a little with new faces like Dominic Fike and previous cast members like Angus Cloud and Maude Apatow have received more screen time and character development.

So far Euphoria only has 4 episodes released in the second season and there are already many questions about where the story of each character is going, or where it could possibly go in season 3.

Right now, without spoiling what has happened so far, the season involves Cassie and Nate hiding a secret but very confusing relationship with Maddie, and Rue hiding her relapsed drug addiction from Jules. This season has involved many secrets but the biggest secret of all came to light at the tail end of last week’s episode, where Nate’s dad Cal revealed his hidden past/present.

One thing about Euphoria is the fact that it has kept everyone on their toes, especially by stringing along with storylines and not just cutting to the chase, like Lexi’s play, or Fezco deals.

With the second half of the season underway, there are many secrets and storylines that need to be revealed and it is only a matter of time before pieces of the puzzle start adding up, and what could possibly happen in season 3 will start to fall into place.

Article published by HOLR Magazine